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first post.

our hearts are in new york; our limbs lay in california

disconnect your tongue for me; a sickly strawberry patch
from the finger traces of your feelings
whispered words over rain shaped tear drops

touch this moment please, your arms beg at me
they crawl around my muscles like cockroaches
you know, i always let you invade

listen, you say
this sunday morning overture
you & i,
against a window pane
drawing hearts on the glass.
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ohhh. that is beautiful. it took me a long time to read for some reason. soaking it up, I suppose.
"disconnect your tongue for me"

This is gorgeous. You have some amazingly beautiful images in here, especially "drawing hearts on the glass." <3
i love the surreal imagery in the first line. i'd almost like to see this continued throughout the poem, but the subtle images that follow work equally as well.