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Originally, I sent out an e-mail to as many people I could think of who would be interested in this project. Out of about 100 e-mails, I received about 40 responses. Out of those 40 responses, I only received about 5 submissions. Right now, I am very strapped for time. The deadline for these pieces was today but I am now extending it because I don't have much to go on with the few submissions I have. The amount is not substantial enough for a zine. Hence, my public LiveJournal post, which I hope reaches as many interested people as possible. Please take the time to read below if you think you might be interested in submitting a written or art piece(s) on addiction or obsession.

WHAT: Submissions for a one-time, online zine for the purpose of my final project in my Contemporary Literature class.

DEADLINE: February 21st, 2005. (Later submissions will be accepted if an e-mail is sent to me explaining what you are going to do and when you think you will have it finished.)

WHERE TO SEND SUBMISSIONS: girlruin @ papervixen.net (without the spacing) with a relevant subject line, such as "Zine" or "Zine Submissions."

THEMES: Addiction:  alcohol, drugs, self-injury, smoking, eating disorders, first-hand or second hand experiences with the aforementioned (ie. an alcoholic family member), nymphomania, Internet addiction, etc.
Obsession: celebrities, collections, technology (the Internet, cell phones, etc.), beauty/appearance (as portrayed in the media or otherwise), movies, television shows, fashion, hobbies (ie. RPG, magic cards, webdesigning), 

FORMS ACCEPTED: Written Form - Poetry, long poetry (ie. Ginsberg's "Howl"), short stories, plays (one-act or more), screenplays, articles, essays, manifestos (?),  blogs (a group of entries, not an entire blog), fanfiction, graphic stories (told in comic form, ie. Ghost World by Daniel Clowes). Artistic Forms - photography, digital art, visual art, painting, mixed media pieces, collages, etc. (Offline artwork must be scanned and sent to me in a .JPG, .BMP or .PNG file.)

-You can submit more than one piece. You can submit a written piece and an art piece. You can submit a hundred pieces, if you wish. I will try to use them all but I might have to sort through and pick the best ones you submit.

-Work does not have to be new. If you have written poems, short stories, plays, etc. in the past that are relevant to the addiction and obsessions themes, you can feel free to submit them.

-Although all forms above are accepted, they must relate to the ADDICTION or OBSESSION themes. If you are going to submit fanfiction, for example, it must deal with addiction or obsession in some way (ie. Harry Potter's dealing with his addiction to cocaine).

-Try to title your pieces. If you submit a collection of prose or artwork, try to give it an overall title.

-Please include the name OR alias you would like to be credited as.

-Profanity is allowed. So is nudity (but tasteful nudity).

-a piece on the human reliance on current technologies (computers, palm pilots, cell phones, extensive entertainment systems)
-how technology has become an extension of the human body (ie. cell phone have practically become an extension of the human hand-- I rarely see people at my school put them down)
-photography: a group of photographs (probably no more than five). A pile of cigarettes, empty alcohol bottles, emotional portraits (for example, Laura's piece here would be brilliant as some kind of comment on beauty, sexual addiction, or obsession with the human body)
-a piece on rabid fangirls and their dangerous obsessions for [insert current trendy fandom here]
-your obsessions: write about your biggest obsessions/fandoms (ie. Why I'm a Domlijah Whore)
-your thoughts on/a critique on a specific type of addiction (alcoholism, nymphomania, drug addiction, etc.) OR your personal experiences with a specific type of an addiction (whether it is your own or a friend's/family member's)
-a piece on the media and its influence on the self-esteem of young people
-what is addiction? OR what is obsession? why does it happen? is there really a "cure"?
-ANYTHING ELSE... as long as it relates to addiction or obsession
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