feminine ink (carnivalnights) wrote in poetmotel,
feminine ink

This community is quite dead. I am posting old things since I have been completely uninspired as of late. Don't hesitate to post old works of yours either.

English Summers

There are days where my heart thinks of
nothing but you and that isolated
stretch of beach. How these crazy days
would be much better spent with our
feet in the sand, sipping margaritas
and drowning in foolish laughter.
We would write senseless poetry and
speak our natural cynicism. So let us
declare our stamping grounds those
of England, repeat lazy summers until
the end of the world. The insanity
will somehow keep us sane.
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I loved this poem when I first read it, but reading it again has made me appreciate it more. I honeslty think it's one of your best. It's just gorgeous, I don't know what else to say. Beautiful.

bah. stupid typos.
Aw, thank you, hun. It was written for someone very dear to me so the comment means a lot. <3
I could use a few summers like that. Hell I could use a lifetime like that.

This is the kind of nostalgia that all of us can relate to. Good work.

And thank you. <3